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Dennis Hunter WIOA Youth Award

The Dennis Hunter WIOA Youth Award is named to honor the memory and contributions of the Chairman of the Midlands Workforce Development Board.  He began his service on the Midlands Workforce Development Board in 2011, and served as chair for more than five years.  Mr. Hunter was dedicated to service to Youth in the Midlands Area though his work with MWDB as well as the Junior Achievement program.

To be selected, a Dennis Hunter WIOA Youth Award recipient must demonstrate:


  • Conducts self with responsibility, integrity, accountability & excellence

  • Manages time effectively

  • Takes responsibility for own behavior

  • Works effectively with others

  • Follows instructions, has high quality work standards & strives to improve

  • Looks clean & neat, dresses appropriately for the job


Enthusiasm & Attitude

  • Completes assigned tasks in an upbeat and cooperative manner

  • Provides good customer service

  • Resolves interpersonal conflict effectively

  • Works productively with others

  • Shows up on time, shows interest in the job

  • Demonstrates willingness to listen, learn and try new things

  • Responds to constructive criticism with maturity & willingness to improve

  • One who wants to work & do what it takes to get the job done



  • Works cooperatively

  • Contributes with ideas, suggestions & effort

  • Communicates – giving & receiving

  • Exhibits a sense of responsibility

  • Respect for different opinions, customs & individual preferences

  • Participates in group decision-making


Problem Solving & Critical Skills

  • Uses knowledge, facts and data to solve problems

  • Can work through problems on their own or as a member of a team

  • Thinks critically & creatively

  • Shares thoughts & opinions

  • Uses good judgement

  • Makes decisions



  • Answers questions with more than one-word answers

  • Demonstrates he/she is listening

  • Shares information and ideas

  • Good eye contact, good posture, active listening


Award Recipients

Midlands Local Workforce Development Area Subsequent Designation Petition

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