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Our Services

Employment Services
The Midlands SC Works Centers are dedicated to helping individuals learn new skills, find employment and progress in their careers. We serve everyone regardless of income or employment status. The Midlands SC Works Centers have tools and staff to help you determine what jobs best match your interests and skills.

Customers can obtain the following services:

Dislocated Worker
You are considered a dislocated worker if you have been permanently laid off, or have received a notice of termination or layoff from employment. Among those who fit this definition and might be served by this program are:

  • Dislocated workers with outdated skills or laid off from an unique employer for the area and you are unlikely to return to the previous industry or occupation.
  • Farmers who have lost their farm
  • Those who have lost their jobs due to import competition or shift of production outside this country
  • Self-employed individuals who are unemployed as a result of economic conditions in area
  • Homemakers, whose primary job has been homemaking, have lost their main source of income
  • Workers who have been dislocated by a mass layoff and/or closure

How to Access Services:
As soon as an employee has received a notice of permanent layoff they can apply for services. Individuals may inquire about Dislocated Worker at all three SC Works Centers.

The Central Midlands Council of Governments and Midlands Tech Youth Programs will assist in building your skills and help you succeed in any path you choose. We work with 17 - to 21-year-old low income and at-risk youth through a variety of work and continuing education services. Our staff will find ways to help you overcome the barriers you are facing and get on the path to success.

What we can do for you:
Our network of youth service providers is made up of local educators, businesses and other youth interest organizations and together, they provide resources such as:

  • Paid and Unpaid Work Experience
  • Tutoring
  • Adult Mentoring
  • Leadership Skills Training
  • Guidance and Counseling
  • Support Services
  • Alternative Secondary School Skills
  • Occupational Skills
  • 12-month Post-program Follow-up

We’re there...every step of the way.
Our goal is to prepare you for the future by giving you the skills you need to make good decisions and move into your adult life; whether you choose to become a part of the local workforce or to continue your education. Even after you complete the program, we will follow up with you from time-to-time throughout the next year to answer any questions and to help you apply everything you’ve learned.

If you’re ready to take the next step to creating a better future for yourself, visit http://www.midlandsworks.org/youthwia or call:

  • Central Midlands Council of Governments Youth Program at (803) 737-9934
  • Midlands Technical College Youth Program at (803) 738-7630

Business Services
It is the goal of Midlands SC Works Centers to make it as easy as possible for your businesses to find well-trained, highly qualified employees. We can save you time and money by listing jobs in our system, prescreening applicants based on your specifications, interviewing applicants and providing invaluable labor market information. We can also help with specific training needs and advise you on eligibility for financial incentives for hiring from specific populations.

A few of the business services available in the SC Works Centers  are:


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